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Couples in Ministry

October 21-25, 2024

This year Couples in Ministry, Small Church Pastor’s Retreat and the Art of Transitional Ministry will be offered all in the same weekend, known as Bread for the Journey.

“Mo-Ranch continues to be a place of renewal and connection that sustains my ministry life!”

-Rev. Amy Sutherlun, Attendee of Couples in Ministry Conference

 A retreat for couples in ministry! Come together through worship and fun recreational activities!

A Week to Re-Couple


Join us and others who have been called to ministry as couples for the opportunity for connection and conversation about the unique joys and struggles. Build relationships with others who understand what you are going through in ministry and life.  And connect with your partner as you give priority to your most important relationship. 


There will be no lofty speeches, just time to consider and reflect upon your ministry together.  Take time with us to review how God is at work in your life and vocation, and rediscover where God is seeking to grow each of you through your shared relationship and individual ministries. 


Relax in the beautiful Texas Hill Country as we make room for plenty of couple time to just be.  Enjoy a built-in date night. Canoe, or don’t. Hike, or don’t. Play board games, or don’t.  Just slow your pace and find refreshment and rejuvenation for your life together. 

So come, rediscover why you were called together in the first place and Re-couple with us. 


Rev. Ben Lynch and Rev. Hailey Braden Lynch

Hailey and Ben met while at Trinity University in San Antonio. After attending Princeton Theological Seminary together, they began their marriage and careers as associate pastors at First Presbyterian Pensacola, FL. They spent six years in Pensacola and had two children before being called to serve as the co-pastors of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church in Oak Park, IL (right outside of Chicago) where they’ve been since 2017. Despite the stressors that come along with pastoring and parenting together all this time (including during a pandemic), they are still totally into each other.

Rev. Amy and Rev. Joshua Sutherlun

Amy and Joshua Sutherlun met in the library at Austin College, fell in love leading youth retreats in west Texas, and honeymooned for three years at Princeton Seminary.  For eight years, they fostered and pastored a thriving community of youth and young adults in Huntington, West Virginia, while also growing their own family. Their four children, now 14, 12, 10 and nine, got to come along when they moved back to Texas in 2013.

Joshua and Amy co-pastor First Presbyterian Church in San Marcos, Texas.  In their ministry, Joshua is passionate about making things work better and authentic discipleship and Amy loves writing, preaching and cultivating intentional faith practices. Daily life is mostly a crazy dance between the church office and the kids’ schools, over piles of laundry and through endless soccer games, fueled by good tortillas and too much Dr. Pepper.

Cost and Housing

Hotel-style lodging accommodations will be available for reservation.

Price per couple: $350

Please call or email to inquire about childcare availability in advance

Scholarships are available! Click here to learn more.


Full refund minus administrative fee up to $75 per person will be made if cancellation is received more than 30 days prior to the conference. There are generally no refunds for cancellations received on or after 30 days prior to the start of the event nor any applying of the amount paid toward other charges or future conferences.

What to Bring

Bring a Bible, notebook, flashlight, hair dryer and rain gear. Linens are provided. Bring shoes suitable for Mo-Ranch’s rocky, uneven terrain.


Mo-Ranch is 90 miles one-way, or a 2-hour drive from the nearest airport (SAT), allow 3 hours travel/check-in time for departures. We recommend generally scheduling arriving flights before 3 p.m. and departing flights after 3 p.m. to be sure you do not miss any of your event.

If you are in need of shuttle service to Mo-Ranch, call Kars for Hire in Kerrville at (830) 890-8200 at least 15 days in advance to arrange transportation from San Antonio International Airport.

Click here for directions to Mo.


Make sure to stop by the Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly bookstore during your conference to pick out a souvenir!


We’re happy to help! Contact us at 1.800.460.4401 ext. 246 or



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