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Join our summer or seasonal staff at Mo-Ranch!

This is the summer experience of a lifetime. If you’re looking for a summer job that is more than just a paycheck, apply at Mo-Ranch! Summer and seasonal staff are needed to serve alongside our year-round staff providing a safe, loving and caring environment, where guests are able to experience meaningful fellowship, worship, relaxation, recreation and renewal. If you want a place to work in a place that makes a difference and will be more than just a paycheck, come serve with us.

Summer staff

Dates: Summer staff positions are available for varying numbers of weeks, May 21 – August 17. Exact dates will be listed in the actual job descriptions.

Common questions about summer staff and seasonal positions

What Is Mo-Ranch?

Mo-Ranch is a camp, retreat & conference center, hotel and a ministry. We are a place where families, churches, schools and individuals gather in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. We are open 365 days a year, and welcome the largest numbers of visitors during the summer months.

How Do I Join In & Become A Part Of Mo-Ranch's Summer Staff?

Just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: First, please read thoroughly the summer staff expectations to make sure this would be a job for you!

Step 2: Then read over the summer staff job descriptions at the bottom of this page for our open job postings and decide which one(s) might suit you best.

Step 3: Apply now! Please contact us at 800.460.4401 ext. 273 with any questions.

You can apply online from the link below, or download the appropriate application from the apply page and mail or email it to us. Note: all applicants who are offered a position must submit to drug screening by urinalysis and a criminal background check.

What Kind Of Jobs Are Available?

Positions will be open for lifeguards, program videographer/summer photographer, outdoor education, program staff, bookstore/gift shop clerk, guest services agent, dining services, meeting services, facilities and housekeeping. For camp jobs, please visit our camp job page here.

Are There Age Requirements?

Yes, summer staff living on the ranch must have finished their freshman year of college. Jobs that have a minimum age requirement are listed on the job descriptions.

Do I Have To Be Presbyterian?

No, you do not have to be Presbyterian. Over 40,000 unique guests come through our gates every year, some are Presbyterian, some are not and the same is true of our staff. We do, however, expect our summer staff to help us create and maintain the kind of place where people of all faiths are welcomed and can come together.

What About Housing?

Most summer staff will be housed in the Fletcher/Caleb House and a couple of other staff houses on Mo-Ranch. Fletcher/Caleb House has 8 rooms that house 2-4 people each – with each room having its own bathroom. Other staff houses have bedrooms and shared baths. Summer staff are provided room and board. One of the benefits of summer staff is the community that forms with your housemates and by participating in house meetings, meals and times for study and entertainment.

What About Compensation And Benefits?

Position descriptions include wage information. All employees are paid bi-monthly. You may choose to receive a check or direct deposit. When you are off, you are welcome to enjoy the recreational opportunities Mo-Ranch has to offer – sharing them like other guests. Kerrville is also a short 30 minutes away and Hunt is about 15 minutes by car. Most positions will operate on a typical 40-hour week, though some will require more than 40 hours during some weeks.

If I Am Returning Summer Staff, Will I Be Paid More?

Up to a certain amount, yes. Each job description lists a minimum and maximum salary.

Will I Have Days Off? What Is The Work Schedule?

Most jobs will have a 40-hour work week, some will require more than 40 hours in some weeks. While some jobs are mostly Monday – Friday with weekends off, most will require weekend and/or evening work at times. Depending on your job, you may or may not have holidays off.

What If I Have An Event Already Planned During The Summer?

We may be able to make allowances for you to attend pre-planned events, so long as we know about them well ahead so your work is covered while you’re away. Please be sure to note this while applying and interviewing.

Summer staff expectations:

Summer staff are an integral part of the ministry that takes place at Mo-Ranch during the summer months.

As such, Mo-Ranch expects that you will:

      • Participate fully in the ministry of Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly, learning and abiding by its policies and practices
      • Accept our invitation to living in covenant community in assigned housing at Mo-Ranch
      • If living in Mo-Ranch housing: then participate in all house meetings, study and excursions, and share in house chores
      • Do your best to deal lovingly and carefully with guests and staff
      • Not consume at any time; including days off, alcoholic beverages on Mo-Ranch property
      • Abide by State and Federal laws regarding use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs
      • Be considerate of others when using tobacco products, not smoking in front of guests, nor in Mo-Ranch buildings
      • Accept other duties as assigned


You’ll not only be working in one of the most beautiful and fun places in Texas, but your housing will also be included!

We offer competitive pay ranges that are hourly or salary, depending on the position.

Some meals in the King Dining Hall will be complimentary for summer staff positions.

Job descriptions

Click a job title below to review a position in detail and download the complete job description as an Adobe PDF.

Summer staff

Event setup attendant This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s meeting services department. Primary responsibilities include executing group and conference functions to ensure guest’s specifications are adhered to and that functions run smoothly and efficiently. Must possess knowledge of meeting space and equipment inventories and have the ability to perform all set-up, tear down and refresh tasks. See job description for full details.

Grounds helper This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s grounds manager. Primary responsibilities include maintaining Mo-Ranch’s landscape and grounds in an attractive manner and maintaining the Mo-Ranch greenhouse and flowerbeds. See job description for full details.

Guest services agent This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s guest services supervisors. Primary responsibilities include supporting the sales team with guest service prior to a guest’s visit; then directly provide guest’s service during their visit, as well as after visit guest care and follow-up. Also communicates to Mo-Ranch departments the needs of guests including food, housing, meeting space and special requests. See job description for full details.

Line server This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s dining services department. Primary responsibilities include several areas of guest service in the kitchen and dining hall: 1) dishwashing, including pots and pans; 2) preparation and serving of quality meals; 3) providing a clean and neat dining room facility; and 4) a combination of these positions in the course of a work day. See job description for full details.

Maintenance technician This position reports to the Mo-Ranch director of facilities. The maintenance tech is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the systems and components that comprise the Mo-Ranch physical plant. See job description for full details.

Overnight operational support This position reports to the Mo-Ranch director of facilities. Primary responsibilities include providing evening and early morning support to facilities/security, housekeeping and guest services. See job description for full details.

Room attendant This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s housekeeping department. The room attendant plays an important role in the mission of Mo-Ranch by helping provide clean, comfortable and orderly living accommodations and meeting facilities for all guests. See job description for full details.

Seasonal sales clerk  This position reports to the Mo-Ranch bookstore manager. Primary responsibilities include assisting in the day-to-day operations of the Mo-Ranch bookstore, providing customer service and maintaining a creative and attractive retail environment for maximizing store sales. See job description for full details.

Steward (dishwasher) This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s dining services department. Primary responsibilities include serving and assisting in several areas of guest service in the kitchen and dining hall, including but not limited to; 1) Dishwashing, including pots and pans; 2) preparation and serving of quality meals; 3) providing a clean and neat dining room facility; and 4) any combination of these positions in the course of a work day. See job description for full details.

Summer program media manager This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s marketing and communications department. Primary responsibilities include taking photo and video clips of Mo-Ranch sponsored programs, sorting and organizing photos, editing photos and creating program highlight videos for future marketing purposes. See job description for full details.

Summer program facilitator This position reports to Mo-Ranch’s program department. Primary responsibilities include working with program directors and conference staff to finalize program plans and assisting/coordinating all Mo-Ranch sponsored summer conferences. See job description for full details.

Lifeguard This position reports to the adventure programmer. Primary responsibilities include providing a safe, clean and supervised environment at the swimming pool and designated riverfront areas for guests and staff to enjoy water and swimming-related activities.

Seasonal staff

 Environmental Leadership Program, Field Instructor

If you are interested in seasonal employment, our Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) employs staff who work in the fall and spring, teaching environmental and leadership skills to school groups. Employment dates are from August thru November and February thru May.

Benefits available for seasonal staff include:
Facility access for employee and family, including discount on housing rental. Staff discounts at the King Dining Hall and bookstore/gift shop.


OEM Summer Clerk

 The OEM Summer Clerk will provide organizational, administrative and clerical support for Directors of Environmental Leadership Program (ELP), Residential Summer Camps and Day Camps.  The OEM Summer Clerk will aid the directors by assisting with reservations and inquiries and maintaining information in the computer system. Will compile information into an organized filing system, and ensuring activities are coordinated with various ranch departments.  The OEM Summer Clerk will provide positive public relations as the front-line contact on the phone and for on-site guests.

Apply today!

Seasonal/Summer Staff Employment Application

To apply for seasonal or summer staff employment (with the exception of Mo-Ranch Summer Camp staff positions), complete our online general employment application, background check certification and consent to testing forms by clicking the buttons below.

You can email your forms or questions to For employment or application questions, please contact Todd Hardee, human resources coordinator at 1.800.460.4401 ext. 273.

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