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Mo/PAM Worship & Music

June 17-22, 2018


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The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) works in cooperation with Mo-Ranch to bring this annual summer worship and music conference. Guided by the principles of Reformed worship, attendees explore opportunities for vital worship experiences and enriching the liturgical life of the local church.

2018 theme: “Building a bigger table for the people of God”

With friends, colleagues, inspiring preachers, worship leaders and nationally recognized faculty, we will gather together in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

It’s wonderful to make space at your table for others, however, at this conference we will explore what it means to BUILD a table that accommodates and welcomes everyone.
From the temporarily abled to those who face challenges seen and unseen, race, socio-economic status, orientation, the list goes on…

All God’s children are welcome and wanted. Come to the table—we are building a space just for you.

This Mo-Ranch/PAM Conference is made possible through grants from the Presbyterian Association of Musicians, the Office of Theology and Worship of the PC(USA) and Mo-Ranch’s Distinguished Speakers Fund.

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Mo/PAM Leadership 2018

Nicholas Yoda, Preacher
Jenny McDevitt, Liturgist/Adult Bible Leader
Adam Tice, Routley Lecturer
Eric Wall, Conference Organist
Joshua Taylor, Adult Choir Director
Phillip Shoultz, Youth Choir Director
Diana Taylor, Children’s Choir Director
Rhonda Fuelberth, Intergenerational Choir Director
David VanderMeer, Handbell Director
Shawna Bowman, Visual Artist/Art Instructor

Download the conference booklet for more information!

Scholarships are available! Click here to learn more.

Supply Fees

Supply fees cover the actual supply costs for different classes and vary depending on the course you choose. These fees are paid directly to the instructor at the first class session. Please come to the conference prepared to pay those fees with cash or check. 2018 supply fees are coming soon!

What Do I Bring?

Approximately one month before the conference, a confirmation email with a supply list, more specifics for each class, and ropes course release forms will be sent to all participants.

In addition to special equipment and materials for your class, you may want to bring a Bible, notebook, flashlight, comfortable walking shoes, casual clothing, tennis equipment, swimsuit, water shoes, rain gear, camera, lidded cup or mug, sunscreen and insect repellent.


Conference participants may arrive and check-in beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 15. Dinner is served from 5:30-6:30 and the opening gathering will begin around 7:00 p.m.


Mo-Ranch is 90 miles one-way, or a 2-hour drive from the nearest airport (SAT), allow 3 hours travel/check-in time for departures. We recommend generally scheduling arriving flights before 3 p.m. and departing flights after 3 p.m. to be sure you do not miss any of your event.

If you are in need of shuttle service to Mo-Ranch, call Kars for Hire in Kerrville at (830) 890-8200 at least 15 days in advance to arrange transportation from San Antonio International Airport.

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