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Mo/PAM Worship & Music

June 17-22, 2018



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The Presbyterian Association of Musicians (PAM) works in cooperation with Mo-Ranch to bring this annual summer worship and music conference. Guided by the principles of Reformed worship, attendees explore opportunities for vital worship experiences and enriching the liturgical life of the local church.

2018 theme: “Building a bigger table for the people of God”

With friends, colleagues, inspiring preachers, worship leaders and nationally recognized faculty, we will gather together in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

It’s wonderful to make space at your table for others, however, at this conference we will explore what it means to BUILD a table that accommodates and welcomes everyone.
From the temporarily abled to those who face challenges seen and unseen, race, socio-economic status, orientation, the list goes on…

All God’s children are welcome and wanted. Come to the table—we are building a space just for you.

This Mo-Ranch/PAM Conference is made possible through grants from the Presbyterian Association of Musicians, the Office of Theology and Worship of the PC(USA) and Mo-Ranch’s Distinguished Speakers Fund.

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