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San Antonio resident Gray Williams has been volunteering at Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly since March, primarily helping the meeting services and housekeeping departments develop tools that will help staff improve the quality and efficiency of the work that they are doing.

Williams first visited the ranch about 12 years ago after his wife, Katheryn, accepted a pastoral position at Oak Hills Presbyterian Church in the Northwest region of San Antonio. He is now semi-retired and spends some of his time volunteering to help make the guest experience consistently a high-quality one at Mo-Ranch.

“It’s a real challenge to balance the ongoing operational demands of the ranch with some of this more developmental activity that takes place,” Williams said.

The one thing Williams is impressed by most about working with the Mo-Ranch staff is how dedicated they are to the ranch and their jobs, and how interested they are in ensuring that the guests have a good experience.

“Everyone has that shared, common goal, and it’s just rewarding to be a part of the team working toward that goal,” Williams said.

For people who would like to volunteer but are not sure of how to get involved, Williams suggests they make their expertise known.

“One of the things that is great about Mo is that, given the demands of the facility, any kind of skill set could be put to use,” he said. “I would suggest that no matter what your skill set or lack of skill set is, there’s a way that you can add value here at Mo.”

For more information on available volunteer opportunities at Mo-Ranch, please contact the volunteer program coordinator at 800.460.4401 ext. 229, or by email at

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