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HUNT, TX, June 09, 2023 — Today Mo-Ranch Summer Camp has announced the public phase of the Upper Youth Plaza Capital Campaign. The campaign is a proposed expansion of their summer camp facilities, including a new dining hall, an outdoor pavilion, and six new cabins. Currently, Mo-Ranch Summer Camp sees hundreds of kids each year and has reached the limits its historical facility can provide. The completion of Upper Youth Plaza will allow them to double their capacity and better accommodate the campers they already have, furthering the execution of Mo-Ranch’s mission.

To maintain a safe distance from the rest of Mo-Ranch guests and to cut down on travel time, campers currently eat outdoors under a shaded pavilion. The new dining hall will be specifically designed for summer camp and will allow a comfortable communal space for them to gather. Outside of meal hours, it will double as a multipurpose auditorium for group gatherings such as games, dances, and singalongs. The new pavilion will be a refurbishment of the camp’s 90-year-old basketball court, which is in poor condition. These new spaces will offer a safe place for sheltered activities during extreme summer weather.

The new cabins will each hold 20 teenage campers, who will have the space and opportunity to focus on age-specific leadership activities with their peers. Currently, all campers and counselors stay in Loma Linda, a more than 75-year-old lodging facility that has separate spaces for genders and age groups. Land has been cleared for the Upper Youth Plaza just up the hill from Loma Linda, fewer than 100 yards from the rest of the camp.

The Capital Campaign has a goal of $4,037,363. Before going public, Mo-Ranch has already raised enough to be within $350,000 of its target total. The Upper Youth Plaza Campaign is the recipient of a Challenge Grant from the Mabee Foundation worth $1,000,000. In order to secure the funds from the Mabee Foundation, Mo-Ranch must raise enough to meet their goal by the deadline of April 11, 2024.

Mo-Ranch is now accepting donations for this project both online and by mail.

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