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Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly has been an integral focal point of numerous memories for “Mo Lifer” and member of The Circle M Club, Clarice Amann, throughout her 67 years of visits to the ranch. Clarice is “sinfully proud” to be Presbyterian from birth, but she is also Presbyterian by choice. As a teenager, she attended some of the community debates as the Presbyterian church pondered the purchase of the ranch. After the ministry was founded, Clarice was anxious to visit this wonderful, new retreat space for Presbyterians after she applied and qualified to attend one of the first youth events hosted at Mo-Ranch.

“Back then, you had to attend at least two Presbytery camps and be recommended by your church’s session to before you could come to Mo,” said Clarice. “Mo-Ranch did not disappoint—the catwalk and kitty walk were so exciting!”

Throughout the rest of her teen and young adult years, Clarice continued to participate in youth events as often as possible. She always found it fun to encounter and bond with someone at a church event after realizing that they had both attended the same conference or retreat at Mo-Ranch.

On one fateful bus ride to Mo-Ranch from Houston, Clarice visited with The Rev. Robert (Bob) Bullock, who challenged her to consider full-time Christian service. Her encounter with Rev. Bullock was the first and only time that someone had encouraged her to consider a career or calling to devote herself to serving the church. She was most impressed and flattered by his recommendation, and she never forgot it!

Throughout the years, Clarice and her family introduced many others to the joys of Mo-Ranch. Clarice and her first husband, Richard (Dick) Barnes, attended couples’ retreats, family conferences and church campouts. She continued to expand her Mo-Ranch traditions with her second husband, Willard Amann. The Amanns were joined in holy matrimony at Mo-Ranch, and prior to their marriage, Willard had served on the board for numerous years. After his passing, it was Willard’s wish to have his ashes spread out on the property because of his deep love of this place. The beauty of Mo-Ranch still captivates Clarice today, and she loves the connections that her family has to this place, too. She especially appreciates the tree grove by the Youth Pavilion that memorializes her family.

Because of Rev. Bullock’s suggestion and her family’s intertwining service within the church, Clarice has invested numerous years of herself to the church and, by extension, Mo-Ranch. She has found that by donating and supporting the growing needs of Mo-Ranch, she has also helped herself and others’ spiritual growth. One of her greatest Mo-Ranch achievements is being one of the founders of the Safe Place Retreat to help bereaved parents who are struggling with the loss of a child find comfort and peace.

Clarice is eager to continually support Mo-Ranch and create the necessary foundation of support for the future generations of “Mo lifers” by remembering Mo-Ranch in her will. She believes that the quality of everything Mo-Ranch offers is worth the investment of giving back to this important ministry.

“Over the years so much of myself has been invested in this wonderful place, and I want to do what I can to see it continue for future generations,” said Clarice. “I have seen so many lives supported and changed through its wonderful programs and staff.”

Today, Clarice resides in Kerrville and is an active member of the First Presbyterian Church where she is a full-time volunteer in the church and has served on the Mission Presbytery General Council. In her spare time, Clarice enjoys reading, crocheting and spending time with her daughter, son, grandson and extended family. She is an avid traveler and has ventured to all 50 states as well as vacationed in Europe and Asia. Although she has traveled around the world, the breathtaking scenery and proximity to Mo-Ranch always draws her back to her home in the Hill Country.

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