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For over 30 years, Dr. Geoffrey Wright and his family have been visiting Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly to commemorate important and memorable family traditions. Geoffrey recalls initially visiting the ranch in 1981 for a family reunion. From family weddings, funerals and reunions to Thanksgiving and Easter festivities—Mo-Ranch has been the integral meeting spot for these events.

Geoffrey recalls his amazing time during his first visit and remembers that everyone in his family had a favorite activity at the ranch. Throughout the years, his family continually returns to the ranch so they can visit together while reconnecting with each other and with God.

“There’s something to do for all ages,” said Geoffrey. “The ranch offers so many wide-open, green spaces that allow the children to roam. There’s enough space for everyone in my family to get together and visit in one place.”

After visiting the ranch for numerous occasions and regularly attending programs like the Mo-Ranch Men’s Conference, Geoffrey decided to join Mo-Ranch’s Board of Trustees in the late 1980s. He served as a trustee for 12 years and joined the development committee due to his immense interest in the operational aspects of the ranch. Throughout his time served on the board, Geoffrey was consistently interested in creating functional spaces and features for families to utilize while visiting Mo-Ranch. As a proclaimed “Mo lifer,” Geoffrey believed, and still believes, that his past and present efforts towards the ranch will stay steadfast and benefit future visitors for many years to come.

Because of his family’s longstanding traditions at Mo-Ranch, Geoffrey strongly encourages anyone interested in supporting the ranch through voluntary or monetary efforts to do so since it bestows a huge benefit to individuals, families and the ranch’s ministry. Geoffrey and his wife, Lacy, are proud members of The Circle M Club, Mo-Ranch’s legacy society that was established in the spring of 2016 to sustain the future of Mo-Ranch. In fact, they were members of its inaugural induction ceremony because they believe that the contributions made today will last for decades and instills the tradition of giving to and visiting the ranch in future generations of “Mo lifers.”

Geoffrey lives in Amarillo and is an active member of Westminster Presbyterian Church. Although his home is currently far from Mo-Ranch, he has maintained consistent visits and lifelong friendships during his time spent at the ranch. Geoffrey loved the views of the Guadalupe River and quaint atmosphere of Hunt, Texas, so much that he has purchased property downriver from Mo-Ranch and looks forward to passing along his familial traditions at the ranch to many Wright generations to come.

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