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Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly is excited to welcome Dalton Baker to the family.

Dalton will be serving as a youth ministry intern for Mo-Ranch.

He is set to graduate from John Brown University on May 9 with a degree in Christian Ministry and Formation and has a passion for youth ministry.

“​I have worked in many different settings and seen that youth have real problems,” Dalton said. “These real problems do not compare to God. But how can they know if someone does not tell them? I have realized that youth need someone to tell them about and show them Jesus.”

His spiritual journey began when he was a child living in Oklahoma. He believes that if it weren’t for God at work in his life, he would not be where he is today.

“The most rewarding part has been seeing God take me and use me in the most random situations. I have been to many places and seen many people because of Him,” he said. “If it was by my own strength, I would not be have been able to do any of it, but God has allowed me to do so much. It is so humbling to know that I am unable to do anything without God, but He still decides to use a sinner like me for His good.”

Dalton said his call to work with youth came high school while he was on a mission trip.

“I was in Los Angeles at the Dream Center when God called me to ministry,” he said. “I’m not still sure the exact path God will ultimate take me on, but I know that Mo Ranch is the next place I will be going.”

While at Mo, Dalton will be working on getting a master’s degree in Youth Ministry.

He came to Mo through a program called Center for Youth Ministry Training, which partners with congregations and organizations to give pastors hands-on learning opportunities.

“When I was accepted into the program, I did not know what organization I would be at. About two weeks before I knew for sure where I would be going, I got a call about Mo-Ranch,” he said. “After this, I started to look into Mo-Ranch more. As this happened, I saw myself getting more and more excited about the opportunity to work at this camp.”

This will be Dalton’s first time at Mo.

“I’ve only seen pictures, but it looks beautiful,” he said. “I can’t wait to see it in person and make some memories there.”

He wants to share those memories with his future wife —he’s planning on getting married in June.

Dalton plans on making the most of his time at Mo.

“I hope to bring an upbeat and positive attitude, obedience to the Lord, and some crazy but fun ideas,” he said.

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