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If there’s a teenager in your life here in the Hill Country, take note of a special program that’s being offered just for them. Nowadays, teens face more unique challenges and dangers during their adolescent years than ever before: financial struggles at home, cyber bullying, lack of positive role models, temptations from drugs and alcohol, anxiety and depression, the list goes on.

Amongst all of the challenges that teens face, there’s an opportunity in the summer that offers a safe place for them to get away from it all–that place is time away at summer camp. The unfortunate reality is that not every teen will get a life-changing experience at summer camp due to financial reasons. Mo-Ranch recognized this reality and decided to meet the needs of at-risk teens in Kerr County through Teen Adventure Day Camp–a program with zero cost for its fourth year in a row, thanks to a grant they received to underwrite the expense.

Teen Adventure Day Camp is run by experienced Mo-Ranch counselors who work for five very active days with teens, teaching life skills, building their confidence and being role models they can look up to–all while still having fun, of course! Each day of camp is filled with new challenges and adventures that include kayaking and canoeing the Guadalupe River, taking a ride down a zip line, hiking, camping, biking and more.

“This is a program that’s very near and dear to my heart,” said Patrick Fitzgerald, Director of Mo-Ranch Outdoor Education Ministry. “It gives teens something valuable and exciting to do with their summer while making a positive impact on their life at the very same time.”

Mo-Ranch is hosting a free “slice, meet and greet” event at the Doyle School Community Center from 5:30-6:30 pm on Tuesday, May 9, that’s open to anyone interested in the program. There will be free pizza, materials about Teen Adventure Day Camp and time for questions about the program with Mo-Ranch staff.

Applications are currently being accepted for this year’s Teen Adventure Day Camp program. Participants must be between the ages of 13 to 16 and are subject to program approval, first come, first serve in the order of the applications that Mo-Ranch receives. For program questions, please contact Patrick at 1.800.460.4401 ext. 249 or visit Mo-Ranch’s website at

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