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Labor Day Weekend • Saturday, September 1, 2018 • 8:30-10:30 p.m.

Join us on Labor Day Weekend for a Saturday evening underneath the starry Hill Country sky of Mo-Ranch while being guided through the night by Planetary Geologist, Eddie Hrncir.

Our planet and star viewing event will include powerful computer-guided telescopes and astronomy lasers for observing all of the Hill Country’s nighttime beauty, and it’s just $10 per person!

Viewing highlights include:
• Planets—Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Mars will be making its closest pass to earth in 15 years!
• Andromeda—so far away that we will be looking back in time over 2 million years!
• Hercules Globular Cluster—with over 100,000 stars in a ball!
• Summer constellations
• Finding latitude and true north with the Little Dipper’s star Polaris
• Constellations of the zodiac

Parking will be available at Chapel on the Hill, and seating will be provided. For event reservations or questions, contact 800.460.4401.

Click here to download the event flier!

Please note: The event will take place regardless of weather conditions. In the event of limited visibility, there will be an educational presentation hosted indoors.

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