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Eddie Hrncir | photo credit: Aaron Yates

Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly hosted a stargazing night where hundreds gathered to observe the starry night skies and learn valuable astronomy lessons from renowned Planetary Geologist, Eddie Hrncir. The stargazing night allowed Mo-Ranch guests and visiting locals to enjoy the Hill Country’s nighttime beauty with powerful computer-guided telescopes and astronomy lasers. Attendees were privy to guided views of multiple constellations as well as the planets Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

“This was such a great location for stargazing! I have been to other stargazing nights featuring Eddie in Fredericksburg, but nothing beats the ambiance and scenery of Mo-Ranch,” said Breanna Larsen, event attendee and communications coordinator for Mo-Ranch. “Eddie is such a character when he lectures, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Mo’s next stargazing event.”

Eddie Hrncir, a retired planetary geology, physics and astrology professor at Texas A&M, educated attendees about various Greek mythology stories as well as the zodiac sign constellations for Sagittarius, Scorpio and Capricorn. With his numerous years of experience, Eddie captivates audiences with his immense knowledge and witty theories for the way the Greeks and ancient philosophers looked into the sky.

“We loved the event, and we are looking forward to hosting another one at the ranch soon,” said Kathy Anderson, event attendee and director of programming for Mo-Ranch. “The turnout was much larger than we expected, and we learned a lot from it. My favorite part was being able to see Saturn and its rings.”

“I was shocked at how simple this [astrology] is, but I learned (again) that the earth is spinning in one direction. Thus, the stars move across the night sky in the opposite direction,” said Kathy.

Mo-Ranch is working on expanding and creating a robust calendar of special events for everyone to enjoy. The ranch is currently open to the public year-round for

Photo credit: Tim Huchton

daytime excursions. Our day passes are available for $10 per person, and children ages four and under are free. Guests will have full access to the grounds and can experience standard activities including our waterfront, famous Mo slide, canoeing and fishing. Bird watching, picnicking, hiking and sports activities are also accessible through the purchase of a day pass.

For questions or to request additional information about our upcoming events, visit our website at or contact Breanna Larsen at 800.460.4401 ext. 272.

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