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Mo-Ranch will always hold a special place in the hearts of Sid and Julie Wells — it’s where the couple met.

“I have years of Thanksgiving celebrations with children, grandchildren and friends,” Julie Wells said.

Her first visit to Mo-Ranch was during Thanksgiving in 1999.

“The people gathered for Thanksgiving were welcoming and fun,” she said.

Her first impression of the ranch was one of awe.

“I remember thinking what a beautiful and peaceful place,” she said

Sid Wells’ first visit to Mo-Ranch was in 1966 for a day visit. A year later, he returned for the Family Conference.

He has many memories of his 54-year history with Mo.

“I have such wonderful memories of Otis and Marilyn Moore’s leadership in the 1980s and 1990s. My late wife, Beth, and I were happy that the labyrinth was installed in their honor,” he said. “I hope we’ll always remember the men and women who worked hard to support and encourage Mo-Ranch.”

The couple continues to support the ranch by serving as board members, attending conferences and founding the Guadalupe Gathering, a group of people who come to the ranch a few times year to help with routine landscaping updates, maintenance repairs anything else the Mo-Ranch staff needs.

The Guadalupe Gathering was inspired by the couple’s friends, David and Kay Jordan that is committed to community, study prayer and mission, Julie Wells said.

“We gather at Mo-Ranch once a year for all of these things, including volunteering for basic chores there,” she said.

In her years at Mo, Julie Wells has attended a number of conferences.

“I am part of a group of amazing women that gather once a year to learn, share and refresh,” she said.

A conference that stands out the most is one that centered on the emerging church.

“About 150 people of all ages and from many different religious traditions attended,” Julie Wells said.

As for Sid Wells, he’s been attending the Men’s Conference for 40 years.

He said attending it with his sons, grandsons and son-in-law are some of his fondest memories.

“My sons and I will be back again for the Men’s Conference this year,” he said.

The couple has four children and six grandchildren — all of whom have been to Mo for one reason or another.

Sid Wells joined the Mo-Ranch Board of Trustees in 2001. Since then, he has served on every standing committee, the program committee and finance and operations committee and the nominations and executive committees. He also started the strategic planning committee, which he chaired.

Julie Wells also joined the Board of Trustees in the early 2000s and has served on every standing committee. She was also chair of the finance and operations, strategic planning and executive committees.

Her advice to people wanting to volunteer their time to Mo is simple.

“Helping Mo-Ranch is an opportunity to preserve a peaceful sanctuary where people of all ages and faiths can find a safe place to learn, share and grow in faith,” she said.

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