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A monumental day at Mo

Friday, April 21, 2017, marked a day of remembrance at Presbyterian Mo-Ranch Assembly as the dedication of the columbarium took place at Serenity Hill. The board of trustees, along with their spouses, joined Mo-Ranch staff on top of the hill over the crystal-clear water to bless the site.

The project was completed in September 2016 by Eickhof, a specialist in columbarium construction. The planning team, along with David Evans, Charles Sullivan, Phil Barns and Micki Weisner, led the development from start to finish.

More pictures of the dedication and morning worship service are available here.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a physical place of remembrance and celebration of life. It is a permanent structure designed with recessed compartments, referred to as niches, for placing urns containing cremated remains. People can honor their loved ones by placing an urn inside of the columbarium or the in-ground interments, as well as scattering their ashes or having their names engraved on a memorial plaque.

How can you reserve your columbarium niche space or other memorial options?

Contact us at 800.460.4401 to request an application, or click here to download it. Please ask to speak to the Serenity Hill administrator during your call to be transferred to the appropriate department. Learn more about Serenity Hill here on our website.

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